Pest Control Technician

Basic Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable Pest Control Technician to help customers identify and get rid of various pests.
  • Inspecting customers’ premises, advising customers on possible treatment options
  • Clearing up any areas littered with work-related debris. The ability to implement and adhere to standards and procedures.
  • You should also be able to efficiently carry out all duties without damaging customers’ property.
  • Ultimately, an exceptional Pest Control Technician should advise customers on additional services required for effective pest management programs.
  • With Pest Control Management Certification.


  • Determining the kind of treatment required to eliminate a particular type of pest.
  • Advise customers on the kind of treatment required to eliminate identified pests.
  • Inspecting customers’ premises to identify pest problems.
  • Filling out all necessary paperwork upon completion of each job.
  • Communicating with office staff to schedule services with customers.
  • Applying suitable pesticides to infested areas by following the label instructions and complying with safety procedures.
  • Responding to customers’ requests for various pest control services.
  • Identifying opportunities to sell additional company services and products.
  • Adjust chemical mixtures according to the size of the infested areas.